Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You heard about it here

The Oklahoman is looking for junior reporters a photographers ages 13-18 for all Oklahoma City home games. Every home game new kids are chosen so many may experience this. Not only do the kids get up close action and the very real possibility of meeting the players, but the story and photos taken will appear on and the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets website, I wish I would have done something like this as a child so I pass the information to you for your children.

The Hornets, with a record of 10-13, are struggling at 4th in thier division of 5 teams. They have been plagued with a series of losses that always come in groups and it is during these times that they need our support. Our players need a clear head tonight when they beat The Orlando Magic and end this 3 game losing streak that raised the losses above wins. Thats tonight, 6pm, in Orlando, Florida at the newly renamed Amway Arena.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Peja helping children

We all know that most players have thier own website aside from thier respective team where you can go read thier blogs, see them training solo, or gain thier perspective on the game itself. Peja Stojakovic of the New Orleans Hornets has something a little different. Visit his website at www. and not only see the ads for his basketball training camps, with Vlade Devac, but also the links for A Majestic Evening of Hope. This is a fundraiser collecting for Peja Stojakovic's Childrens Foundation and The Wheelchair Foundation. It will raise money to send many wheelchairs and medical supplies to Serbia where they will be distributed regardles of race or religion. So if you find yourself in the Fremont California area and have a little extra cash, try to get yourself a ticket through the afore mentioned website. Cash is tight around these times but when others need medical supplies and wheelchairs shipped in from other countries, it lets you know how good most actually have it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

On the road again

The New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets continue thier grueling road schedule, which is par for the course at this point, with thier next 3 games out of town. The Los Angeles Lakers on Dec. 6th, the Seattle Supersonics on the 8th, and the Golden State Warriors on the 9th before returning for battle against The Cleveland Cavaliers on Dec. 11th in Oklahoma City at the Ford Center. They then will travel to New Orleans to play the San Antonio Spurs and The Dallas Mavericks before travelling to Florida for a game against The Miami Heat. It has got to be really hard on the players when even home games are like road games, but they are trying to spread the love to a large fan base. GL Guys!